Security+ Update

Well, I’ve been “going” to the virtual class for about three weeks now.  We meet twice a week for 3 hours.  This class in all honesty is pretty easy.  Well, I guess that would be attributed to the certification itself.

In the end, I know I could have definitely taken the test and received the Security+ certification without having to go through the class.  Really, all that is being done is the instructor is just reading through the book, which I can do myself.  But, I guess it doesn’t hurt to have an instructor.

The only thing I really need to focus and remember are the encryption algorithms.  How many bits each one is, and if it is asymmetric or symmetric.  Besides that, all the concepts that the book presents seem very straight forward and logical.

I believe the class is going to be sending out our vouchers very soon.  Hopefully I get it this week.  If I can, I’ll take a few more practice tests (already getting 85%) and as long as I stay around the same score, I’ll just go take the exam early, and be done with it.  Not much of a point of sitting for a few more weeks to learn things I already know.

Well, we’ll see, and hopefully I’ll be certified shortly!

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