So yesterday was an interesting day for me as I did something I have
never tried before. Brewed my own beer!

Homebrewing is something I’ve been interested in trying, but just
never actually have been able to do it. Well, for an early birthday
present, the girlfriend bought me this great home beer brewing kit.
Needless to say, I was interested in giving this a shot.

After checking we had everything, we started our brew. We had a ton of
spices, hops, and extracts to mix together. We started off with mixing
water with the spices, then adding the extracts, and following that up
with adding hops at specific times.

Initially, the spices and water put off almost an oatmeal type of
smell. After adding the hops, it was definitely given an IPA style
smell with a very small hint of almost some sort of fruit.

Once everything was together, we added it to our Carboy (glass jug
that holds the beer) to let it ferment for a couple weeks. Now, every
few seconds we hear bubbles escaping the carboy which is the yeast
fermenting the beer, and CO2 escaping.

It was nearly a 4 hour project, but that could get cut to a shorter
time if we were able to heat up the water faster. It was definitely
pretty interesting to do, and I’m looking forward to what it tastes

What’s next:

After a couple weeks, take the beer out of the first carboy, and move
it to the second one for secondary fermentation.

We then follow that up with bottling it, and then drinking it a week later.

I’ll be sure to report back the progress.

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