OSWP – Offensive Security Wireless Professional Progress

About a month ago I signed up for Offensive Security’s Offensive Security Wireless Professional (OWSP) certification.  I’ve had a decent amount of experience hacking both WEP and WPA wireless networks, however, I knew that I did not know it all, and I wanted to get into something like the OSWP to fill in the gaps.  After registering for the course, I am happy to say that the OSWP certainly did provide that service.

Once you’re registered, all candidates receive access to a large pdf file and a number of flash based training movies helping to explain all background information, and provide demonstration based training for the attacks you’re expected to perform.  I really enjoyed it because the OSWP goes in depth on all attacks that one can carry out with the aircrack-ng suite and it provided the training on the attacks that I’ve never (had to) perform before.  Beyond the attacks, the training materials provide an extensive technical background clearly explaining the theory behind wireless security, and the attacks.

I’m registered to take the test in a few weeks, so I’m looking forward to putting everything I’ve gained to the test.  I’ll be sure to post once I know how everything went.

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