Network+ Certified!

Well, I am now glad to report that I am also Network+ certified!  I went to go take the test on Monday this week, and I did pretty well.

It was interesting comparing this test to the Security+.  In the Security+, I was able to take the whole test, just blow right through it and do really well.  On the Network+, the first 10 questions I had were the toughest.  My first thought was, “Wow, I had really studied, and I knew all the material, what’s going on?  This is going to be close.”.  But after the first 10, I pretty much just got into a groove and was able to go through the rest of the test with no issues.

So, now I’m taking a break.  But, I have a feeling at the end of this first week, I’m just going to get started studying for my next certification.

Next up… Certified Ethical Hacker

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