Newly OSWP Certified! My Exam Thoughts

Well, I am happy to report that the results of my OSWP exam came in and I was successful in passing the exam!

This was probably one of the most fun certifications that I had a chance to study for.  I already knew a good amount about breaking into wireless network, however I did not know all techniques, and that was exactly why I wanted to take the course.

Both the videos and the large pdf file provided go into detail describing different attacks and different scenarios that you could face.  After working my way through all the videos, and the pdf file, I felt up to the challenge to take the exam.

About 15 minutes before my exam, I received an e-mail with the login instructions and the instructions for the exam itself.  It was pretty much exactly what I had expected.  Oddly enough, I was fairly nervous once I logged into the system.  In retrospect, I have no idea why because I really knew all the material, and I’ve performed the same attacks on my own many times.  Maybe it was just because I felt I already knew it all, that if I couldn’t pass, I really would have felt pretty ridiculous.

I also can’t talk such good things about this exam format as well.  Sure, learning theory and being able to answer test questions are a tried and true method of learning material.  However, I don’t think much else can represent truly knowing the material other than actually performing what was learned.  All Offensive Security certifications are based on actually forcing you to demonstrate your knowledge.  Not only does it make you prove your knowledge, but it also just makes it a lot more enjoyable.

Anyways, the exam was a good representation of the material that was learned during the course itself, and I would certainly recommend this course to others interested in learning about wireless security.  If anyone has any questions about the certification, feel free to ask.

Next on my list, OSCP!