Certified Ethical Hacker

Well, it certainly has been a busy holiday season for myself.  A significant amount of the time has been spent studying for the CEH, Certified Ethical Hacker exam.  Anytime I had free time, it seems that I would feel guilty if I just watched tv instead of studying for the certification.

Thank goodness, the hard work paid off.  I took the test last week and walked away with 87% correct, needing only 70% to pass.  It was interesting, and a little tough, but I did feel confident throughout the whole exam.  I felt confident going into it as I spent a lot of time using some of the tools that were discussed in the books I looked over, and it significantly helped to reinforce all the concepts of the books.

There were some questions that just did not seem to be covered in any of the material that I had read, which was a little surprising, but nonetheless, I was able to pass, and definitely walked away really happy.

So what’s next, I’m trying to decide.

My original goal was to receive 4 certifications, Net+, Sec+, CEH, and CISSP.  I’ve achieved three of the four that I originally wanted.  However, I am now feeling a little inclined to get the MCITP: Server Administrator.  I feel that since I’ve just been going through Security certifications, I should go ahead and continue and try to go for the CISSP next.  It wouldn’t seem to make a lot of sense to completely switch to a Microsoft certification, and then go back to a security one.  It just makes more sense to go one after another.

Well, I think that’s what I’ll do.